Travel is among the largest emission sources of greenhouse gas emissions with more than two (2) billion passengers each year throughout the world. Aware of the strong negative environmental footprint and to offset the effects directly, Aqua Terra Travel is committed to plant a tree on your behalf for every reservation made via the website or directly made with our agency.

In collaboration with the company CO2R which specializes in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs), we disburse the money needed to plant a tree for every booking made on our site or at our agency . Thus we will contribute to reduce emissions of CO2 from our travels.

The trees will be planted on Aqua Terra terrain and are guaranteed for five (5) years. If you wish to take possession of your tree, you can do so annually at a time and place designated by Aqua Terra Travels. Please note that trees have a size ranging from 24-36 inches and the available species will be announced in advance.

Planting trees to offset our own voluntary carbon emissions is to give a second breath to our planet. It is important to act as responsible citizens, concerned to take effective measures to preserve our environment and ensure sustainable development.